Job Vacancies

We currently have two vacancies available, the first is a full time vacancy within our busy health-food Shop and we also have a part-time vacancy available within our Cafe.


Full time worker advert for October 19

You can download an application form here:

You can download a job pack here


Cafe cleaner job add Oct 2019

Please note you must follow the correct procedures to apply for the jobs listed above. Please do not submit C.V's for the vacancy based within the Shop.


You can return your application/C.V in one of three ways:


By email:

By post: Personnel, Eighth Day Co-op, 111 Oxford Road, Manchester M1 7DU

By hand: hand to a member of staff at Eighth Day Co-op, 111 Oxford Road, Manchester M1 7DU


Please be aware that closing dates are final and any late applications will not be counted due to the quick turnaround of the interview processes.


 Eighth Day Co-operative Ltd GDPR Recruitment Privacy Notice 

Working in a Co-op

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Who We Are

We are the 8th Day Co-operative, a vegetarian Cafe and Shop and one of Manchester’s longest running Worker’s Co-operatives.  Find out more about us here.