Using the lift, getting downstairs & wheelchair access:

Our café, community notice board, toilets and baby changing facilities are situated downstairs in the ‘basement’. We have a lift past the shops deli on the left, that can take you downstairs. The lift on opens on one side, which is the same door you will use to enter the lift.

The lift is controlled by holding down the button of the floor you are going to until the lift is all the way at the bottom or the top, for example ‘holding down ‘B’ will take you to our basement café and toilet facilities. Holding ‘G’ will take you the ‘ground floor’ which is street level, where our front door is and where our shop is. The lift door will not open if the lift isn’t all the way at the bottom or the top.

The lift door is on a hinge, and must be opened manually by pulling the door handle. It opens outwards.

To ensure you are able to use it safely, here are the dimensions of the lift:
Width = 89cm, Depth = 147cm 

If you need any assistance using the lift, our team are happy to help.

Once you are on the basement floor, the will reach an area with the community notice board and toilet facilities, as well as some other doors to staff areas, and one to a stairway fire exit. There will also be a door directly in front of you, that leads to the café. This door also opens manually using a door handle, into the corridor. The door way opening has a space of 75cm, and may be unsuitable for large chairs.

Shop Aisles

Our most narrow shop aisle measures at approximately 1 metre.
Some items are located on low shelves. Some items are located on slightly higher fridge shelves.

Eighth Day is a Safe Space for all

Eighth Day is, has always been and will always be LGBTQ+ friendly, breastfeeding friendly, child friendly and neurodivergent friendly environment (with what is in our control anyway). If you think we can make improvements, drop us a line and let us know.

Drinking Straws

Whilst we’re obviously huge eco advocates and are keen to reduce single use plastic usage, we also understand that some people cannot use paper straws, and the metal straws we sell might not be suitable for hot drinks for example. For this reason, in the cafe we have PLA plastic straws available upon request for anyone that needs one.

Invisible Disabilities or Extra Support you might need

If you have an invisible disability or difficulties that might effect your experience at Eighth Day or the way in which you communicate your order for example, and would like to let us know, our team are always ready and willing to help in whatever way we can. If that’s reading the menu out loud with descriptions to you, helping you carry your food to your table, packing your shopping in your bag for you, or even just speaking more clearly, we’ll accommodate you in as many ways as we can.

If you’re visiting us and you would like us to turn the music down or off during your visit, just let us know. Please be aware that our kitchen is open, and can be seen and heard from the certain parts of the cafe floor, and this can sometimes include loud noises such as a blender or the odd broken cup.

Call Ahead?

Feel free to give us a call, to see if we can accomodate you or if you want to let us know about any needs you might have.
Shop : 01612734878 (option 1)
Cafe: 01612734878 (option 3)


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Our History

Did you know Eighth Day has been around since 1970? We’ve been through lots of changes, hundreds of staff and several buildings since those early days. You can find out more about the history of our co-op.


Take a look here at the events and people who have helped shape our business over the past 50 years.