At 8th Day you will find what is arguably the largest selection of organic and natural vegetarian and vegan foods in the North West. If you don’t believe us, come and see for yourself!


Jam, Tahini and Nut Butters
Baking Products
Fresh, locally baked breads and pastries
Organic, Free-Range Eggs
Clearspring Japanese Foods and Seaweed
Herbs and Condiments
Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Artisan, Fairtrade and Organic Chocolate
Black, green and herbal teas and Fairtrade Organic Coffee
Crisps and Snacks

Wholefoods and Raw Foods

We have a huge range of Natural and Organic dried fruits, nuts, seeds, muesli, cereals, lentills and beans  mostly from Infinity Foods Co-operative in Brighton. We also offer a large range of competitively priced, tinned, organic beans, tomatoes and soups from companies such as Suma Wholefoods Co-operative in Elland.  In addition we have a wide variety of raw food specialist items such as bread and crackers, crunchy kale chips in a variety of flavours, raw cacao butter, powder, nibs and beans, maca, ginseng, baobab, acai as well as chocolate bars and treats from SuperFoodies, In-Spiral, Raw Living, Raw Choc Pies and The Raw Chocolate Co.

Chilled and Frozen Foods

Organic dairy products such as cheese from Leagrams Dairy, yogurt from Loch Arthur, non-homogenised milk from Emma’s Dairy and raw goats milk when available, from Holly Park Dairy. We stock a large range of tofu from Clearspot and Taifun, vegan cheeses from Tofutti, Scheese, V-Bites and Violife, vegan meat substitutes from Taifun, V-Bites, Fry’s and many more,  we even have vegan Black Pudding and Haggis.  In our frozen section you’ll find meat substitutes such as veggie burgers, sausages,  pies, hotdogs and mince  as well as dairy free ice-cream from Booja Booja, Co-Yo and Food Heaven. Look out for dairy free pizza, edamame beans, frozen berries – and so much more.

Special Diets

We stock a wide variety of products that are suitable for gluten and wheat free diets. We sell gluten-free flours and baking substitutes as well as pasta, noodles, pies, cereals, biscuits, crackers, cakes and snacks.
For those avoiding dairy, we have a vast selection of produce, from soya, rice, oat and nut milks, to chocolate and desserts, cheeses and spreads – even squirty cream! For those avoiding excess sugar in their diets we have a plentiful range of biscuits, cakes, snack bars, jams and syrups all free from added sugar. Do ask for advice if you are diabetic as in some cases fruit juices or malt syrups are used to sweeten products and these may not be appropriate for your diet.

Organic Wine and Beer

All the wine at 8th Day is organic, so are a lot of our beers, ciders and spirits, apart from Marble Arch Manchester Bitter – but it’s local…and nearly organic and our new additions from Blackjack Brewery and Tickety Brew both of which are small local and exceptionally good brewers and certainly worth checking out if you like real ale and interesting flavours.

How can a wine be vegan or vegetarian? It all depends on how the wine was fined (filtered). Not all wine is fined, but if it is winemakers may use gelatine or isinglass (from fish bladders). In the big wide world of pubs and supermarkets you probably won’t be able to find this out, but at Eighth Day our suppliers guarantee us vegan or vegetarian alcohol. They use clay, therefore vegan, or egg whites or milk protein, therefore vegetarian. These processes don’t leave any trace or taste in the wine; it is just passed through to make it clear.

We are often asked if organic and Biodynamic wines are less likely to give you a hangover. Yes! Because there is less chemical intervention and adulteration they are less likely to give you that morning-after feeling. There is some anecdotal evidence that sulphur dioxide can cause headaches; it is produced naturally by the fermentation process but has also been added since Roman times to help preserve wine, and is permitted, in much lower levels, in organic production. We stock some specifically labelled sulphur free – Stellar Merlot and Stellar Cabernet Sauvignon (South Africa). Over indulgence will always have an adverse effect!

If you would like some advice, or a recommendation, feel free to speak to Sam, the 8th Day wine expert and buyer.

Take-away Food

We do a roaring trade on our take-away counter, and almost everything is made within a 20 mile radius of our shop.

The Burrito Grande is the best selling item (in our entire product range, and has been for at least 10 years), made in Chorlton at Forest Foods along with other delicious veggie and vegan wraps, pies and rolls.
Also popular are the flapjacks, sos rolls and sugar free cakes from Saker Foods in Todmorden. Newer additions  include  Gluten Free pies, flapjacks and Falafels from NM  Cakes in Altrincham. Other delights include Lancashire Cheese and Onion Pies as well as a seasonal Pie from the award winning artisan pie makers The Great North Pie Company (Hale), sweet treats such as  Gluten Free  and Vegan Brownies, the popular Millionaires Shortbread and Chocolate and Orange Polenta Cake from The Silver Apples (Didsbury), as well as  halloumi parcels and stuffed vine leaves from Greek Kitchen (Macclesfield).


We have a large selection of environmentally friendly cleaning products from Ecover, Bio-D, Eco Leaf, Earth Friendly and Green Scents. We particularly like the Eco Leaf range  it’s relatively new and  manufactured in the UK, competitively priced and the house brand of Suma Co-operative, who are based in Elland, near Huddersfield. In addition we stock recycled toilet paper, kitchen roll, Fairtrade rubber gloves, organic sanitary protection, bin liners and biodegradable compost bags. We also sell a small selection of If You Care baking sundries.

Nutritional Medicine

We have a comprehensive selection of nutritional supplements and herbal remedies, brands include:  Solgar, A.Vogel, Viridian Nutrition, Biocare, Terranova, Nature’s Plus and so many more, we also offer professional advice from fully qualified nutritionists most days. Please see the link at the top left of the page for more information.


We have a varied selection of natural and organic bodycare available to suit everyone. Brands include: Dr Hauschka, REN, Therapi, John Masters Organics, Weleda, Antipodes, Dr Bronner, Faith in Nature and many more.  Please see the link at the top left of the page for more information.