UK Fruit & Veg

We're starting to move in to the perfect time of year for UK grown organic fruit and veg from our supplier Organic North, we're already seeing lots of amazing fresh salad veggies such as lettuces, spring onions, mixed salad leaves, spinach and celery as well as courgettes, early season potatoes and the very popular kale.

Fruits such as gooseberries, strawberries and the very delicious UK cherries have also started arriving, so it's definitely time to get creative in the kitchen and start eating more fruit and veg! In addition by choosing UK produce you are helping to support the UK Organic farming industry and reducing food miles.

There is also definitely a pleasure in eating a little more seasonally, each season has something new to offer to the palate and new recipes to learn for the aspiring cook.


Fruit and Veg UK 26.06.17