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Want to feel Pukka?

It’s that time of year again, sniffles and coughs abound, so we thought we’d highlight one of our favorite seasonal products. Pukka’s Elderberry Syrup is a naturally sweet tasting combination of herbs renowned for their use in treating the respiratory system. Seasonal chills and fevers benefit from the immune supporting herbs in this delicious elixir. The anti-spasmodic qualities and expectorant action ease spasms whilst gently clearing mucus and catarrh from the respiratory tract and sinuses. Sore and irritated mucous membranes are soothed and lubricated easing both dry and productive coughs.

elderberry syrup 100mlThe Elder tree is considered to be a medicine chest by itself with all arial parts having therapeutic activity. Elderberries have a long traditional use as a base for combining healing herbs in a cough syrup. These colourful berries are rich in antioxidant vitamin C, flavonoids, anthocyanins and lignans and have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory activity. Elderberry actually works as an immuno-modulator, upgrading a poor immune response and also inhibiting pro-inflammatory cytokines and the influenza virus from causing respiratory distress. On entering the body, the flu virus forms tiny spikes, called hemaglutinins, which are laced with an enzyme called neuraminidase. The enzyme helps the virus to penetrate the cell membranes. Once in, the virus then starts to live in the cell, reproducing more viruses. Elderberry juice actually disarms the neuraminidase within 24 to 48 hours and prevents the virus from spreading, and so it is important to take the syrup at the first signs of any infection. Elderberries also strengthen cell membranes, further preventing penetration by the viral enzymes that can break down the cell walls, allowing them to invade and replicate themselves. Elderberries are slightly sour and cooling, helping the body to release heat, reduce fever and enhance the body’s natural cleansing and detoxifying activities. Remember, as immuno-modulators, they stimulate the immune system and have strong antiviral properties; in fact, Elderberry syrup has demonstrable antiviral activity effective against ten strains of influenza virus.

Pukka Elderberry Syrup contains: Elderberry Juice, Manuka Honey (Active 14+), Thyme Leaf, Aniseed, Licorice Root, Horseradish Root, Pippali Fruit, Black Pepper Seed and Ginger Root.

Did you know you can visit the Shop for free nutritional and health advice from our two fully qualified nutritionists Ursula and Janet? The advice is given on a first come first serve basis most days of the week, call the Shop on 0161 273 4878 to check availability.


Thanks to Pukka Herbs, Bristol for supplying the article.

Dates For Your Diary

Check your diaries folks, these events sell out very quickly! We have two fabulous wine events coming up soon and you really don’t want to miss out.


The first wine event is The Big Italian Wine Event, a tutored wine tasting with Andrea D’Ercole from Italy Abroad on Friday the 6th of November. Tickets cost £9 per person or £22 for a party of 3.


It doesn’t get bigger than this, our first fully vegan, wine tasting event.  Join us for an evening of delightful wines and food with a tutored wine tasting from the very experienced Linda from Vintage Roots Organic Wines. Tickets cost £10 per person or £25 for a party of 3.


Big Vegan Wine Event Web teaser 2015 Saturday2

Bookings can be made in person, by visiting the shop during opening hours, alternatively, give us a call on 0161 273 4878 to book over the phone, please be aware that all tickets must be paid for at the time of booking.

You can find out more about our wine supplier Vintage Roots here: https://www.vintageroots.co.uk/



Freshers Fortnight Raw Chocolate Haiku Competition

We’re running a special competition over Freshers Fortnight, we’ve partnered with The Raw Chocolate Company  and are giving everyone the chance to win one of 3 delicious raw chocolate prizes. Simply write a Haiku about raw chocolate, remember it must have 17 syllables on a 5,7,5 line basis. So, get creative, but do keep it clean as this is open to everyone regardless of age.  You need to get your entry to us by the 27th of September, you can post it to us on Twitter or Facebook using the #rawchochaiku, or alternatively fill in one of our in-store entry forms and post it in our competition post box.  We’ll be notifying the talented winners by the 1st of October 2015. Good Luck!

Haiku Raw Chocolate Image Sept 2015 3

Eighth Day go to Chorlton Vegan Fair, Saturday 16th May (Photos by Chirag Gosain)

Wow, what a fantastic day we had.

The Vegan Organic Network, often known as VON, organised a blooming fantastic Vegan Fair at the Irish Club in Chorlton. We took a small selection of products that we felt represented the business as a whole. Chia seeds, Cacao powder and Kale Chips, from the Shop and Cakes, Coffee and Chocolate from the Café. Apparently the queue had started to grow from about 10.30am, with the doors opening at 11am , not that we managed to see as we were frantically setting up our stall.


This really set the tone for the entire day, I’m not sure where they all came from but there were thousands of people. Dan, the organizer, said that customer base had TRIPLED in size from the previous year! What a fantastic result.

We sold out of all our Cakes, Wraps and Brownies by 2pm, which was a huge surprise… lesson learnt for next year! We also sold an entire box of Ten Acre Cheese and Onion Crisps, I think it’s safe to say they are most definitely a vegan favourite, along with the Vego Bars which basically flew away.


As well as local  independent businesses such as Unicorn, Tea Time Collective (who had some delicious pies/burgers, safely sampled by ourselves) and V Revolution, there were an abundance of stalls.  Some had travelled all the way from London.

The day was a fantastic success with something for everyone to enjoy. The schedule was jam packed with live performances (bands, spoken word artists, poets and dancers) which kept everyone entertained throughout the day. If you fancied something a little more exciting you could hop on the cycle powered smoothie maker and pedal away for a small donation or have a ride in a rickshaw.

Sophia and I really enjoyed the day, despite both somehow getting Sun burnt (we swear we were in the shade).  All that is left to say is a HUUUUUUGE Thank-You to everyone who came, spoke to us, took flyers or purchased something. We really appreciated all your support.


With special thanks to Chirag Gosain for kindly letting us use his fabulous photographs for this post!

Manchester’s 10 coolest SMEs

We’ve recently been lucky enough to be featured here on the blog of Approved Index as one of Manchester’s Coolest SMEs, which showcases Manchester as a business hub. We think Manchester is a fantastic, vibrant and resilient city and  we’re very proud to be featured within this line-up

Here’s what Trilby Rajna the writer of the piece had to say about Manchester:

“Manchester might sometimes be overlooked by entrepreneurs in favour of London, but it turns out it’s a serious contender for the title of best city to launch your business. With three excellent universities, world class football clubs, the headquarters of the BBC and a refurbished and extended tram system which rivals TFL, Manchester makes for a truly nurturing city to grow your business.

Amongst the many things that Manchester lays claim to, aside from some of the world’s most iconic bands, being the birthplace of the computer and bringing the joy of “chips and gravy” to the world, is its claim to some incredible and unique businesses that have chosen to call it home. After much deliberation we came up with our top 10 pick of cool companies in Manchester; from tech start-ups to creative agencies to delicious cupcake bakers, we caught up with these cool small businesses to discuss what they do and why Manchester is THE place to be.”

You can read all about us and the other 9 businesses in the full feature here: Approved Index

 We would like to take the opportunity to thank Trilby Rajna and Approved Index for featuring us.

Job alert – Full-time Cafe Member – Chef

A full-time position for a professional chef is available. The successful applicant must have some previous experience of cooking fresh vegetarian/vegan dishes, and demonstrate a passion for working within a co-operative.


This is a great opportunity to become actively involved  in the running of a cooperatively managed and ethically driven business with fantastic benefits and conditions.


The position offers an hourly rate of £7.85 for 36 hours per week increasing to £9.80 per hour dependent on successful completion of a six month probationary period. Complementary staff discounts and generous paid breaks are included. For application forms and job descriptions please call in to the café or go to www.eighth-day.co.uk/jobs. If you have not been notified within one week of the closing date, your application has been unsuccessful.


Application closing date — 23rd January 2015

Interviews & trials commence — 26th January 2015

Job alert- Full-time Front of House Member

A full-time co-op membership position is available in the café. The successful applicant will possess a passion for food, excellent customer service and have previous catering/café management experience.


The job entails overseeing the day to day running of Front of House and Service, organising special events and actively participating in the management of our co-operatively run and ethically driven business. Knowledge of coffee and wholefoods will put candidates at an advantage.


The position offers an hourly rate of £7.85 for 36 hours per week increasing to £9.80 per hour dependent on successful completion of a six month probationary period. Complementary staff discounts and paid breaks are included.


For application forms and job descriptions please call in to the café or go to www.eighth-day.co.uk. If you have not been notified within one week of the closing date, your application has been unsuccessful.

Application Closing date—23.01.2015

Interviews & Trials commence—26.01.2015

Stephanie Shaw BA(Hons) Illustration (Manchester School of Art)

Using mixed media, painting drawing and sculpture, I am trying to create a space whereby the process is apparent and the artist is present. My work has been an ongoing enquiry into building relationships between pre-existing imagery and my own mark making, by playing with form, colour, texture and scale. Recently this has developed into opening up a dialogue between 2- and 3- dimensions.

prt 1406757555

I am interested in how the artist can influence the viewer’s perception and participation. Through the destabilising effect of collage upon visual and contextual knowledge, the viewer’s control is disturbed and the visual validity questioned.


double plants for website 1

These collages are not only solitary works, but, seen contemporaneously in hand made zines and artists books, reference their source, thus creating a metaphor for the idea of DIY self-publishing as a tool for complete control over output.



I am a practicing artist and also work as a freelance illustrator.

Get in touch:





coloured blobs constellatino flowers

ALL PRINTS FOR SALE (most prints displayed are A2)

A1 unframed £35

A2 framed      £45

A2 unframed £30

A3 framed      £30

A3 unframed £20

A4 framed      £25

A4 unframed £15

(originals POA)

The Festive Wine & Chocolate

CHOCOLATE & WINE LOVERS …..prepare to indulge!

Vintage Roots Organic Wines and Tree Frog Cheshire Chocolates come together for one heavenly evening. 7 exquisite wines paired with 7 varieties of handmade chocolate, a marriage made in heaven! Find out more about Vintage Roots here: https://www.vintageroots.co.uk/

Wine Chocolate Wine Event 2014 Web teaser

This is a ticketed event so please call us on 0161 273 4878 to check availability and to purchase tickets. Tickets cost £7 each or take advantage of our group ticket discount by purchasing 3 and only pay £17.50 saving £3.50.

Job Vacancy

Café Worker Required

A position is available for a hardworking and experienced individual who wants to be part of our café team. The role will involve a mixture of front of house service and kitchen duties such as pot washing and cleaning.

The job comprises of 28 hour week at an hourly wage of £7.65 (living wage). The successful applicant must be able to work flexibly between Mondays and Saturdays, have previous front of house experience, and an interest and enthusiasm for healthy living and the principles of cooperation.

The closing date for this position is Saturday 25th October 2014.

Enquire in-store for an application form.

If you have not been notified within one week of the closing date, your application has been unsuccessful.

Night of the City. An exhibition by Ana K Miller. October 2014

Max Ernst and the Manchester Supermoon

Under the influence of Max Ernst’s moons and more lately, Manchester’s supermoon, I’ve been working on a series of abstract cityscapes that I’m about to exhibit in October in the Eighth Day Cafe in Manchester.


When Max Ernst started using grottage and frottage to paint eerie abstract paintings with huge moons he created one of my favourite series of paintings. I love the atmosphere, the colours, the flattened out textural shapes woven together to evoke nightmarish industrial landcapes and dying forests. These paintings have put a spell on me.

[Which brings me to this, which I want to be the soundtrack to this blog, if the link doesn't work, find some other way of listening to "I Put a Spell on You", Screaming Jay Hawkins, this post only works to a certain soundtrack]


Walking around Manchester City Art Gallery one day a few years back I was amazed and excited to find that they have one of my favourite paintings of Ernst’s in the strange medley of  artworks that made up their permanent display. It’s called The Petrified City and it looks something like this:


If you were in Manchester a few weeks ago you may have noticed something special about moon. It demanded your attention, it looked bigger, brighter and more magical than usual. I heard later on that it was a supermoon. I was especially enamoured with this moon because I’d been spending a lot of time making abstract paintings of cities with big moons. The moons were aligning, a good sign.


A few months earlier I had been grappling around desperately wondering how to start these paintings, procrastinating and reading lots of ”how to” books for inspiration that weren’t  very inspiring.

The spark came when I found Mike Bernard’s book about painting with collage that advocated an experimental rather than a realist approach (which always gets a tick from me) and contained some beautiful paintings – the style, the rationale and the use of colour struck a chord and I started experimenting with Bernard’s suggestions, trying very unsuccessfully to follow his instructions.


The book is brilliant and gives lots of good advice about making paintings with collage…
… and some of Mike Bernard’s paintings are gorgeous:



So I got to work trying collage out, at first it didn’t work, but it lead to some ideas, I started making cartoon skyscrapers on newsprint with felt-tip pens – this lead to a cartoonish abstract painting of Manchester: the most realist of the series.

And then I got a breakthrough. On top of an old painting I kept adding things and it kept not working but each error lead to a new direction and suddenly a painting started to emerge that I was  excited about:



I like the atmosphere you can build to create the mood and impression of a city, without necessarily representing a particular place. These paintings are about my feelings towards Manchester and other big cities in general but they are also about the media I use – the layers of paint and paper that I build begin haphazardly – the process behind the paintings is experimental – what does the paper and paint do by itself? How can materials applied, printed or poured create beautiful random patterns and textures that could not have been achieved deliberately?

So this is some of the history behind the paintings I’m going to be exhibiting next month. Here are the details (and more formal write-up) of the exhibition itself, in the form of an image of a postcard
[If you get down to the exhibition you can have a postcard]

I called the exhibition  NIGHT OF THE CITY and I’ve chosen this painting as the centre piece because I think it embodies what I wanted to do:



Spotlight on Supplier: Antipodes Skincare

We’ve been working with some of our suppliers for years and built up great relationships with them over this time. These are the people that are constantly striving to provide the best products available and we wanted to highlight what they do, their ethics and what makes them special.

Our third focus is on the award winning New Zealand skincare company Antipodes and skincare pioneer Elizabeth Barbalich who founded the company.

Antipodes logo

Antipodes, the global scientific organic beauty brand is driven out of the coolest little capital in the world – Wellington, which has provided much inspiration for the brands unique wallpaper packaging. “From modest beginnings in 2006, today Antipodes is winning rave reviews in international magazines, beauty and health industry awards and accolades from many discerning beauty buyers.

Antipodes creator and director Elizabeth Barbalich is deeply committed to running an environmentally responsible business, and educating people about the extraordinary benefits of certified organic and premium natural skincare.

Antipodes Creator Elizabeth BarbalichIt’s a passion sparked at the time of her epiphany to lead a more nature-centred lifestyle. After an education and career in science, she began studying naturopathy and adopting a diet high in organic raw foods and juices. She also began exploring the incredible benefits of New Zealand’s unique bioactive botanical extracts – the healing secrets of Maoridom.

It wasn’t long before she began combining these interests to start creating her own natural skincare along with New Zealand’s leading cosmetic chemists. And after some dedicated research and development Antipodes launched on the market with seven products. The range has nearly tripled since, in just seven short years, Antipodes has developed a range of 26 skincare products with even more products for women and men in development. Meeting the market by bringing consumers around the world a skincare and makeup range differentiated by the fact that each formula (not the parts) is scientifically validated and the premium ingredients are sourced from New Zealand’s nature.  Thanks to investing in the expertise of ‘The French Nose’ very early on to determine the fragrances across the range – each product has an interesting and exotic scent.

Antipodes culture is built around a love of nature, style and science and is for eco-conscious women and men who expect their natural and organic skincare to be results-oriented and uncompromising high performance. The intelligent formulations are richly hydrating, while allowing skin to breathe naturally, feel better, and look at its best. Antipodes seeks to deliver on emotive experiences: add a love-factor into everyday beauty rituals with avant-garde fragrances, and poetry inspired descriptions.


The inspiration of creation:

“My original desire continues to inspire me: to bring to the market premium certified organic & natural products from fully sustainable sources, which can be used every day by everyday women” says Elizabeth.

Beautiful design is important to Elizabeth. “After all,” she says, “this is a beauty brand”. Look closely and you’ll notice the elegant green Antipodes® packaging is inspired by New Zealand’s wallpaper: nature.

Elizabeth is dedicated to creating a strong team around her, and helping with the career development of her employees. “I believe in surrounding myself with people passionate about their specialty,” she says.

We regularly run sampling days with an Antipodes instore adviser and look out for our Antipodes Taster Express Facials by our experienced therapist Julie, these will be back in September and you get 30 minutes of Antipodes pampering for only £7.50.


Find out more about Antipodes

Images and text used with kind permission of Antipodes Skincare.

8th Day Co-op Full-time Chef Required

Full-time Café Probationary Member – CHEF

A full-time position for a professional chef is available. The successful applicant must have previous experience of cooking fresh vegetarian/vegan dishes, and demonstrate a passion for working within a co-operative.

This is a great opportunity to become actively involved in the running of a cooperatively managed and ethically driven business with fantastic benefits and conditions.

The position offers an hourly rate of £7.65 for 36 hours per week – with complementary staff discounts and generous paid breaks – increasing to £9.55 per hour dependent on successful completion of the probationary period.

For an application form call in to the café to pick up a pack.

Application closing date — 26th July 2014
Interviews & trials commence — Week commencing 28th July 2014
Position start date — Week Commencing 1st September 2014

You can email your completed application to:


Or deliver by hand/post to:

Personnel, Eighth Day Co-op, 111 Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7DU

Spotlight on Supplier: Green People

We’ve been working with some of our suppliers for years and built up great relationships with them over this time. These are the people that are constantly striving to provide the best products available and we wanted to highlight what they do, their ethics and what makes them special.

Our second focus is on the award winning skincare company Green People and green pioneer Charlotte Vøhtz who founded the company.

Green People Charlotte and SandraCharlotte Vøhtz started the pioneering organic personal care company in 1997 having moved from her native Denmark to the UK.  Charlotte approached the Soil Association to encourage them to form standards for organic health and beauty products and in 1999 was invited on the committee where she played an important role in setting the standards for natural & organic cosmetics – The Soil Association launched their standards in 2002 followed by Organic Food Federation in 2003

Green People’s multi award-winning range is one of the front-runners in the organic beauty industry, with dedicated ranges for women, men, teens, children, babies and organic mineral make-up. The business has seen extraordinary growth since its modest beginnings when it was run from Charlotte’s kitchen in Sussex. Today the company offers more than 140 products, with over 100 Certified Organic by the Soil Association, Organic Food Federation or EcoCert. Passionate about offering organic products for all, Charlotte launched the new Age Defy+ range in 2013, a powerful youth boosting skincare range suitable for women 35+ which looks set to shake up the organic anti-ageing arena.

 Green people Age Defy group green people 600

Charlotte’s motivation for creating an organic beauty company came from wanting to help treat the eczema and allergies that her daughter Sandra suffered as a small child. After much personal research, it became clear that focusing on a more natural and holistic way of treating children’s allergies and skin problems was the best approach…and Green People was born!

Green People:
The company’s aim is to offer certified organic beauty products and naturally avoid any harsh synthetic chemicals. Green People also operate a strict cruelty-free policy and use no animal derived ingredients.

Green people Naturally Gorgeous book.Naturally Gorgeous:
Charlotte’s desire to inform and inspire has also led her to become a published author. She released ‘Naturally Gorgeous’, in 2008 a veritable feast of beauty hints and tips to help maximise the body’s health & wellbeing, containing sections on detoxing, digestion and skin health.

Charlotte’s Mission:
Green People may be thriving, but money has never been Charlotte’s main incentive. “I see this as a ‘mission’. I am meant to be doing this. We continually receive feedback from customers about our products. It is so satisfying to be sent testimonials telling us how we have helped transform a customer’s skin problem – and the buzz we get from knowing we can make a difference makes it all worthwhile!”

With kind thanks to Green People for information and images.

Find out more about Green People

Green People Logo

Spotlight on Supplier: Viridian Nutrition

We’ve been working with some of our suppliers for years and built up great relationships with them over this time. These are the people that are constantly striving to provide the best products available and we wanted to highlight what they do, their ethics and what makes them special.

First up is the UK based company Viridian Nutrition.

There are so many vitamins, minerals and other food supplements to choose from – on the shelves of supermarkets, pharmacies and lots too at On the 8th Day – it can be very confusing. There is now a wealth of high quality research showing the benefits of nutritional supplements, and here at On the 8th Day, we have the qualified knowledge and experience to recommend the right programmes for our customers – to get the results you are looking for – thanks in part to suppliers including Viridian Nutrition.

Viridian Cheryl ThallonHere, Viridian founder and MD, Cheryl Thallon explains the company’s philosophy: “Training is at the heart of what we do at Viridian Nutrition. With a range of more than 180 health products, it is essential that we take time to train our health store stockists in the science behind each one and how to develop the right programme of supplements to meet the health needs of their customers. Often the right advice will be a change of diet, to include more whole foods, vegetables and fruit. For others a simple multivitamin will be a sufficient addition, while some will require a complex programme of supplements to resolve health issues and bring their system into harmony for optimum health.

“Our technical director, Benjamin Brown ND, who also heads up the Viridian Nutrition scientific research and new product development  programme, tours each quarter with professional seminars for health food stores. This helps to keep our stockists up to date with new research and developments in natural health to guarantee the effective use of our products in-store.

Viridian Benjamin BrownViridian Nutrition is the leading brand of ethical vitamins, with commitments to Purity, Charity and the Environment. A family-owned, award-winning British company, Viridian was named ‘Best Buy’ by Ethical Consumer magazine and each year by the Good Shopping Guide.

“Manufacturing our products with the purest ingredients, avoiding the use of all additives such as artificial fillers, binders, colourings, flavourings and coatings ensures our products are 100% active to maximise the benefits without burdening the body with unnecessary chemicals. The Viridian range is 100% non-GMO, non-irradiated and against animal testing. Within the range we have vegan, vegetarian and kosher options.

Viridian 107 Dig a bit deeper

At Viridian we want to leave a minimum footprint on the planet, and so we use glass packaging instead of plastic, have a recycling refund and have a strong commitment to organic growing. In fact, 40% of our range is Soil Association certified organic – better for the planet and better for you. We manufacture in the United Kingdom, reducing air miles.

The Viridian Nutrition Charity Donation Programme has to date (May 2014) donated more than £185,000 to a selection of children’s, environmental and other selected charities. The charities are chosen each year by our health store customers via a voting form. Each charity is checked to ensure it does not have any involvement in animal research and is a registered charity.

Viridian Nutrition is a big-hearted company with genuine passion for caring for our customers – we hope to welcome you to On the 8th Day and to assist you to exceptional health.


Information and images kindly provided by Cheryl Thallon, Viridian founder and MD.

Visit Viridian to see their products and find out more about the brand and their ethics.


Want to work in our co-op? Take a look here to find out the latest news on vacancies and how to apply to work at Eighth Day.

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