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Give Credit where it’s due!

If you’re in Manchester on Wednesday, or shopping at 8th Day, why not stop for a chat with Christine Moore, from Manchester Credit Union? She’ll be spending a few hours promoting credit unions, which ties in nicely with the end of ‘Move your Money’ month.

Find out why you should move your money: what’s in it for you? More to the point, what’s in it for others? I save with South Manchester Credit Union, and my journey began when I was doing research into Cash ISAs several years ago: did it matter which bank I chose? How much interest could I earn? Did I have to ‘lock up’ my money to make more? I do have a cash ISA, but to be truthful, I have felt many pangs of guilt when thinking about people with no savings, or indeed bank accounts or access to loans. There are societal pressures to be earning as much you can from your savings, but let’s face it, how many people can afford a financial adviser?  I have looked at the Ethiscore of banks many times via Ethical Consumer online (I bank with the co-op now and would never change) and after reading about credit unions, I decided that I must put (some of) my money where my mouth is. I had heard of credit unions but hadn’t given them much thought, or didn’t really know much about them. The Ethical Consumer article I read was really informative and a big seed was sown.

It took me ages to actually set up my account (no fault of the credit union, just my procrastinating ways), and it was a sign outside a church in Levenshulme that finally got me: nothing to do with Jesus, of course, just a sign saying that it was paying in day. After paying the initial fee to the priest (who is a volunteer for South Mancester Credit Union) I then set up a direct debit, for ease. I must admit, it does make me feel all warm inside, but not smug…me? Never!

South Manchester Credit Union www.smcreditunion.co.uk
Manchester Credit Union www.manchestercreditunion.co.uk


Hello, and welcome to our new website, which you will have discovered (as you are reading it), has a blog page…come here for info on special events, health testimonials and topics which interest us as a veggie worker co-op. On the home page you can now easily sign up to our email newsletter, which will be sent out approximately once a month, detailing special offers, new products and events.

We will also be regularly updating the recipe page, so you’ll find new dishes rubbing shoulders with many old favourites: as we have a new team of chefs, expect to see some real innovation.

Well, that’s all for now – hope to see you soon!



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