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Fair Tax Mark

We’re now an accredited Fair Tax Mark business.

As a workers's co-op, we like to try to do things a little differently and this definitely affects the way we approach business. For instance, it's important to us that we pay fair wages to our workers, deal with our suppliers in a fair and honest way and we've always believed that the payment of taxes, which support so many of our public services is the right and proper thing to do. Tax avoidance or creative tax practices have been a focus of the news for some time now and as these practices are something of an anathema to us, when we heard of an organisation that helped businesses become more tax transparent, we were definitely interested!

To cut a long story short, over the past few months we've been working with an organisation based in Manchester called Fair Tax Mark Ltd, a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society that provides an accreditation process for businesses who want to be open and transparent about their tax practices.

Here's a short extract from the Fair Tax Mark website about their aims and how they work:

"We think tax matters: it helps to fund vital public goods and services and when paid fairly, it ensures a level playing field for businesses large and small.

That’s why we want a future where all businesses are proud to pay their fair share of tax. Because tax affects us all, we think companies should report on their tax practices transparently so we can understand how they’re contributing.

We’re proud to celebrate those businesses doing the right thing by awarding them the Fair Tax Mark, and we work with other companies to help them improve their practices, moving towards a fairer economy for all.

How we work

Our Fair Tax Mark accreditation scheme rewards businesses that are good taxpayers. It’s the only scheme of its kind in the UK, bridging the gap between corporate responsibility and the wider tax justice movement.

  • We work with technical experts and other stakeholders to outline the standards that businesses need to reach in order to become Fair Tax accredited
  • We work with businesses of all sizes from independent high street shops to large multinationals to help them achieve those standards
  • We work to raise public awareness of the Fair Tax Mark and accredited businesses in order to bring Fair Tax businesses and consumers together
  • We also provide bespoke research and consultancy services

You can find out more here: Fair Tax Mark

We’re pleased to announce that on the 29thth of June 2017 we passed the accreditation process and gained the Fair Tax Mark. We’re really proud to be part of a group of like-minded businesses that is tax transparent and pays its fair share of tax. 

You can find out more about our ethics here: Our Tax Policy

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